• "When it comes to helping students achieve their full potential, SABIS® member schools are pioneers. I take pride in calling myself a SABIS® graduate."&
    Mohamed Nemer Class of 2011 - 2012

  • “In my first week of university, an AUB alumni mentioned admirably that is was easy to identity a SABIS® graduate. This is not a surprise – SABIS® prepares their students for life!”
    Malak Qubaisi Class of 2012-2013

  • “I am really proud that I graduated from such a prominent school as The International School of Choueifat. The school's well-organized system works for the welfare of the students during their school years and also prepares them for the challenging future. I feel like I couldn't have been better prepared for my university years.”
    Moustafa Mohamed Mohy-Eldeen Aly Raeia Class of 2012-2013

  • “Education has the power to change children’s lives, whatever their economic & social circumstances. The top- quality education SABIS® gives our children helps them achieve their dreams.”
    Mr. Benoy George SABIS® parent

  • “My experience with ISC-Abu Dhabi goes back three decades.  From its early days, the school has maintained the highest standards of education and has successfully created an atmosphere of friendship and tolerance amongst its multinational student body.”
    Mr. Mounir Boustany SABIS® parent

  • “The International School of Choueifat in Abu Dhabi has been home to both my kids for the last few years; over the years I have seen them transfigure from bubbly kids to mature, smart, and socially responsible global citizens. We truly appreciate the efforts of the entire SABIS® team for respecting our children’s unique personalities, recognizing their individuality, and pushing them to their maximum potential. I would recommend this school to all of those parents who take academics seriously and who wish to see their children shine in life!”
    Dr. Juliet Shibu SABIS® parent

  • “The SABIS® Educational System provides students with the essential foundations – academically and emotionally – to successfully negotiate the transition from childhood to young adulthood.  Upon graduation, students from SABIS® member schools are well-rounded, academically able, motivated, and driven individuals of their generation, aspiring for greatness and destined to succeed.  They are mascots for the SABIS® community and a credit to the school system and the hard-work of students and staff alike,”
    Holli Robinson, Head of Department-English

  • “I trust the system so much that both my children are enrolled in it.  A SABIS® graduate myself, and a current member of staff, I know that ISC-Abu Dhabi was the right school for my children.”
    Nada Mansour, Regional Head of Department-Chemistry

  • “I am sure you will be pleased to know that an ISC-Abu Dhabi graduate has graduated with an Upper Second Class Honours BSc degree. Needless to say, if you have any other young persons of this calibre showing an interest in Mechanical Engineering, we should be delighted to hear from them."
    The Imperial College wrote to ISC-Abu Dhabi after an ISC-Abu Dhabi alumnus graduated with honours

  • “I thought I would write to tell you how pleased Newham is with the results of one of your alumni this year. She has obtained a First in part 1B of the Medical and Veterinary Sciences Tripos. Newham is well aware that without the preparation our students receive at school, they would not achieve such good results, so we hope you share our pleasure.”
    Newham College (medical) of Cambridge University

  • “One of the Admissions Tutors on our Faculty of Engineering drew my attention to the high quality of applications that he has been receiving from former students of ISC-Abu Dhabi. We are very pleased to see this trend, and hope it continues in future.”
    Queen Mary and Westfield College of University of London

  • “We have been very pleased to receive applications from your pupils for undergraduate studies in physics and astronomy, and we look forward to receiving more in the future.”
    University College London (Department of Physics and Astronomy)

  • “I have great pleasure in informing you that a former student of ISC-Abu Dhabi has recently been awarded a degree of the University of Sheffield. As I am sure you will recognise, we will be pleased to welcome applications from your students in the future.”
    The University of Sheffield, School of Medicine