ISCAD  SAT/TOEFEL/GRE campus admission policy



Dear External Exams Candidates,

Please note the following important requirements for our students as well as External candidates , to follow when attending SAT /TOEFEL/GRE exams physically on campus.


  • Upon arrival Candidate must show a valid negative PCR test to be granted access to the campus.

All Candidates  must present a negative PCR issued maximum 4 days prior (96 hours) to the exam day.

  • Students may arrive to school for a maximum 30 minutes before the exam and can remain no longer than 20 minutes after the exam. 
  • Upon arrival students must go straight to their assigned testing area and leave directly after their exam is finished.
  • Parents may not accompany Candidate inside the campus.
  •  All candidates are required to wear a mask at all times.
  • Candidates must remain 1.5 meters apart from others at all times.
  • Candidates must enter tent for temperature screening, any student with temperature higher than 37.50 C , will be stopped from entering the school. 

Candidates must comply with all school safety protocols and will be moved to the isolation room to wait for parents to pick them up if needed:

  1. If a Candidate’s temperature is above 37.5 C when entering the school’s premises.
  2. If they have an onset of COVID-19 symptoms.

The above measures are for the safety and wellbeing of all concerned. Please abide by all rules and regulations set to avoid any disturbance to your testing day.

Thank you for your cooperation.

School Administration.